Why you should have Wet Sounds on your boat

If you had a sound system on your boat back in the day, your mate would’ve given you a good smack on the back of your head. “You’re gonna spook the fish! Keep quiet!” is what you would hear most of the time, but today, having music playing on the boat can do wonders not only for motivation but also for your overall fishing. Here are our top 5 reasons on why we love having music on our boats.

1. Rhythm and Boom!

We love to have music when jigging. Mechanical jigging requires fishos to rhythmically “jig” rods to impart action on heavy jigs down deep. It is very tiring as the continuous movement of your arms can cause lactic acid buildup faster than expected. Having music helps keep you energized as you have the beat to match your jigging rhythm to. Keep your fishing playlist in shuffle and you’ll get fast songs, slow songs, and something in between after every song so you won’t have to jig fast every time. You’ll wish for more Pink Floyd after the first few drops, trust me.

2. Get Pumped and Wind!

Another great advantage to having music playing while fishing is that it motivates everyone on the boat. The intro to your favorite battle song will get your blood pumping and your adrenaline rushing, pushing you over your limits. Super helpful especially on a slow day as it can keep everyone alert and on the lookout for bait rather than muck around. An energy boost other than food and drink, music can really do some magic. Having music playing on the boat can do wonders not only for motivation but also for your overall fishing.

3. Setting the Mood

Music can help set the mood at any time of the day. Put up an adrenalin pumping tune as the boat is about to push off and all will be frothing to start fishing, generating energy and morale after waking up early in the morning. Once everyone gets fished out, a relaxing song can get everyone to appreciate that you are in an awesome location with friends new and old.

4. Break the Ice

First day on the boat can be quite awkward between new boat partners and crew. Break the ice by offering to hook up your phone to the Bluetooth speaker. You’ll soon find out who loves (or hates) your taste in music! This is a great way to break the ice and soon enough, the others will ask for a chance to play their music too. It’s a great way to learn more about your boatmates and guides and how good (or bad) their taste in music is.

5. Broaden your Taste

After a couple of days out on the water, you’ll get to hear what everyone has on their playlists and eventually find out if you’ve developed a new taste. Catching fish while music is playing in the background can make memories even more special and you get to reminisce these great moments when you hear the song being played again at home or when you are driving to and from work. Ask your new mates to share the band names of the ones you enjoyed and you will quickly grow your playlist while allowing you to remember the friendships you’ve built during the trip.