Our Underwater Boat Lights in Australian Boat Shows

Australia Boat Show - Marine Night Lights

Marine Night LightsUnderwater Boat Lights and Propeller Coat New Zealand Propeller Coating System attended the Sanctuary International Cove Boat Show in May 2016 on the Sunny Gold coast of Australia.

Firstly, what an experience! We had stock arriving to the Brisbane Sea Shipping Port Australia, this way delayed slightly and we only were just able to get our stock and show stand items hours before the end of the setup day.
When we arrived at the show we started to realize that this was far different to similar shows in New Zealand.

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Over the four warm, sunny, inviting days we talked to all walks of life from around Australia and around the world, enjoying others stories of their Boats and their adventures.
We also got to meet several other marine industry related businesses from around Australia, and made some great connections.

If you haven’t attended the Gold Coast Sanctuary International Boat Show, make sure that you do next year! 25th – 28th May 2017 – WE WILL BE THERE!

We also had some spare time to get over to the Gold Coast Marine Expo Boat Show, to visit Karee Marine with their New Zealand Made Extreme Boats & find those elusive The Mad Huey’s – The two shows are separate but small waters can be arranged for a quick transfer.

Australia Boat Show Hope Island Marina Australia Extreme BoatsWet Sounds NZ in Australia

Some of the great Connections made were:
Steyr Motors Australia, the power of elegant motion. www.steyr-motors.com.au

Steyr Motors Australia
Extreme Boats, Proudly Aluminium Boats. www.extremeboats.co.nz
Pro Fender, Professional fender systems. www.pontoonfenders.com.au
Aqua Pontoons, Pontoon and Marine sales. www.aquapontoons.com.au
Sirocco Marine Perth. www.siroccomarineperth.com.au
Game and Leisure Boats. www.gandlb.com.au
Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats. www.runawaybaypontoonboats.com
Yacht Controller Australia & NZ. www.yachtcontroller.com.au
Fishing & Leisure Boats. www.fishingandleisureboats.com.au
Powertec telecommunications. www.powertec.com.au
Ultra Marine Products. www.ultramarineproducts.com.au
Poly Flex Australia. www.polyflex.com.au
AFN Australian Fishing & Outdoors. www.afn.com.au
Ultralon Foam Group. www.ultralonfoam.com
Seapro Technologies. www.seaprotech.com.au
Cara Boat. www.caraboat.com.au
JSW Powersports. www.jswpowersports.com.au

We sell all of our light products direct to the customer in Australia, we have stock in Melbourne Australia.
Also we have Special shipping rates for our Aussie counterparts.

You can buy all of our lighting products online today at https://marinenightlights.nz
Propeller Coat

Why Should You Buy Our Underwater Boat Lights Over Other Brands?

Marine Night Lights Oblong Blue Glowing LEDs

– Designed, machined, hand assembled, and tested in New Zealand
– Billet acrylic housings which are tough & built to last
– No stainless, aluminum, or bronze metals to corrode
– No glass to fracture allowing water ingress ( Our Lights can not leak )
– No assembly joins or seals
– 100% encapsulated with custom blended potted epoxy
– Direct connection to 12VDC via standard length 5M marine tinned cable – No bilge cable joins
– Do not require LED driver
– Multi mount system, rear or side cable exit standard – Glue & Screw
– Multiple LED’s (48 or 96) that are bright & efficient (Less than 1 Amp Draw per 96LED’s)
– Extra long 50,000 hour LED life
– Wide angle 160 degree lenses – For greater ambience and attracting marine life
Will not over heat out of the water for short periods less than one hour (Backing down the ramp, Washing the boat at night)
– Every fitting is torture tested before being boxed
– A true fit and forget
– Call us any time regarding fitment

You can browse our range of Underwater boat lights and order online below:

Why do I need under water LED Lights?

Why do I need under water LED Lights? Good question, we are glad you asked!
Here are some of the major benefits of our Underwater Boat Lights

Our Marine Night Lights underwater boat lights are great for attracting bait fish in the darkness of an early morning fish, and getting you out fishing with bait fish on board quicker than without lights.
Marine Night Lights are also great for helping game fish see your boat/teasers/lures in the water, with our wide lighting angle LED light fish out the side/under/behind your boat.
Plankton, Bait fish, Squid and Game fish are all attracted to lights especially during the darkness of the night.

Bait Fish and Game fish attracted to our underwater LEDs

The Marine Night Lights are also amazing for creating a great evening atmosphere while entertaining friends and family. As the marine life is attracted to the lights on board your boat, you will find all sorts of sea living creatures turning up for a look at what is going on.
Our favorites are watching bait fish getting chased by larger predators, and stingrays feeding off fish frames on the bottom during the darkness of the night which you are able to illuminate with your Marine Night Lights while at anchor. The kids also love swimming in the evening off the back of the boat in the glowing lights.

Underwater Boat Lights

The Marine Night Lights underwater LED boat lights are perfect for lighting up your dock area in the water with their easy multi fitment. This can assist when returning to your dock at night time or creating a enjoyable atmosphere where every your dock is located. Again you can be assured that the marine life will be interested in the underwater glow you have created.

Dock Lighting - Marine Night Lights

The Marine Night Lights underwater LED boat lights can also be used in Salt/Thermal/Chlorine pools and spas to create an enjoyable atmosphere which also adds a safety feature to your pool/spa.

LED Pool LightingUnder Water Pool Lighting

A background on our Marine Night Lights

Marine Night Light Logo

Marine Night Lights have been developing underwater lights for the last 10 years.
It all started after purchasing what were supposed to be “Best on the market” Underwater lights which failed after just thirteen months of use.
No warranty or replacements were provided to us and so we decided we would be better off building our own.

After three years of testing in the marine environment we are confident we have developed the perfect fittings.
This development has included light sources from incandescent car light bulbs right through to 50 Watt LED’s.
We have also been through multiple materials, copper, stainless, glass, all levels of plastic & resins.

We have continued this development on a personal level starting in buckets of water and aquariums, we then started fitting them to the main intended use of the marine environment on boats.
After Multiple design and assembly changes and upgrades we have ended up with a solid New Zealand made Under Water LED fitting that is suitable for Harsh Marine Environments, Pools and Dock lighting.

Our fittings are a multi fitment assembly which all have rear cable exit for thru hull, a top/side exit for above water line installs
As Standard we use 5 Meters of Marine Cable so there is no issues getting the cable to an appropriate connection or termination point.
We are concentrating on two colors as we find them most effective and in demand Blue & Green.
We are continuing to develop our product line and bring more great long life, solid built light fittings.